Auxiliary Stabilizers

We offer a wide range of multi-purpose hydraulic stabilizers suitable for all types and sizes of truck-mounted cranes.

The most innovative aspect of our stabilizers, is a very easy system to fix and adjust the stabilizing cylinder. It requires just ten minutes for unbolting and bolting at the right height through few, simple operations. The high quality and strength, quenched structural material (like DOMEX steel), and galvanized (anti-rust treated) fittings make the stabilizers more reliable. Contact us for questions regarding your specific needs.


* Fabricated from high strength Domex / Weldox 700 steel
* Wide diameter foot plate provides excellent stability
* Adjustable cylinders for easy installation
* Double acting pilot operated check valves on stabilizing cylinders
* Safety lock pins
* Main beam structure limited in height for easy installation to the truck chassis


* Creates a solid, stable platform for loading and unloading materials
* This additional support minimizes shifting and leaning creating a less stressful work environment for the crane operator
* Reduced wear and tear on the rotation system due to limited side loading


Fixed Crossbar Opposite Rods Parallel Rods Parallel Long Rods
Double Extension Under Chassis One sided extendable