Standard painting - Standard chrome plating - Standard fittings

Marine painting - Standard chrome plating - Standard fittings
Marine painting - Marine chrome painting - Standard fittings
Maine painting - Marine chrome painting - Stainless steel fittings AISI for rubber hoses


I Surface Preparation

Whole surface shot blasted

II Anti Corrosion Painting

First Layer capo zinc (average thickness 12 micro meters)
Second Layer Bi component primer (average thickness 180 micro meters)

III Final Painting

This special marine treatment is applied to the crane structure surfaces, boom and base
Whole structure shot blasted

Entailing Process (available on request)

Bi-component polyurethane finishing coat (average thickness 80 micormeters)


Corrosion Resistance in Neutral Salty Fog - Class 10

Nikrom® Chrome Plating, 50 microns Thick on Rods in all Cylinders*

Pin Protection

Carbonitriding on articulation pins (Tenifer - QPQ, average thickness 15 + 0, 4mm nitriding depth)

Slewing Cylinder Protection

Double cross chrome plating on cylinder rods and on inside diameter of slewing cylinders (average thickness 50 micrometers)

Stainless Steel Fittings for Rubber Hoses


Worm Gear Rotation

(Only 602T-605T)
Completely enclosed cast housing with lubrication bath.

Double Rack and Pinion System

Marine and fixed base version cranes utilize a double rack and pinion system (800 series - 900 series - T Series - JT series). It has many advantages where the crane requires extra torque or is not operating in leveled conditions.

Strength - by doubling the number of racks and cylinders, the force of the slewing system is also doubled. The slewing has more strength for difficult situations.

Reliable - the use of two racks spreads the force across twice as many teeth on the pinion. A more even distribution of stress results in longer component life.
Completely enclosed case housing with lubrication bath

Precise - The backlash in the slewing system is shared across the teeth of both racks. The result is reduced play at the load hook for more precise operation. First and only to use 3 planetary hydraulic motors.
The VR66 - VR85 models use a shear-ball slewing bearing at the heart of its rotation system. Our continuous slewing system is driven by up to 3 planetary hydraulic motors (only on VR75 and VR85, on request) This system has very low play for high precision operation. Each motor has automatic braking integrated inside for the highest safety and durability. The bearing races are joined by tow layers of ball bearing. By spreading the load across two layers, the strength and durability are greatly improved.


Electro Hydraulic Power Pack

Electro hydraulic power packs allow the installer to use the crane in special locations, or where there is no power take-off available.

Only 600T series

Pedestal Control

For easy installation and ease of crane control.

Radio remote control (RRS)

Single hand proportional system (mini and small cranes)
Compact dimension and reduced weight • Proportional speed control of any single movement • Pressure compensated inlet section BOSCH

Multifunction radio control (medium and big cranes)
Multi-functional remote control • Protected against radio interference

WINCH (Optional)

Rotzler winches* are famous worldwide for their unique characteristics, compact dimensions, low weight, high power and maximum safety. A wide range of accessories are included as standard features in the Winch Kit. Other winch brands are available.


Rotzler is the best winch on the market. They are equipped with grooved drums for optimum cable spooling, as well as being compact, light, and with precise speed and rotation. Many components of the winch are manufactured from stainless steel. This ensure greater resistance to corrosion and longer component life.

Winch Load Limiting Device

A sensor installed at the center of the drum measures the torsion applied to the winch by the cable. A signal of 4-20mA is output to communicate with the winch loading to the EBB, enabling perfect integration into the crane load limiting device.

Cable Press

The pressure roller keeps the rope pressed firmly against the drum. The winch is always supplied with a grooved drum for optimum rope spooling.

Top Roller

The device not only serves as a pulley, but also ensures that the hook and load don't damage the extension of the crane due to over-winding. It works in conjunction with the load limiting device.

*600T series and models 804 and 805 mount a different winch brand.