FCC Stock Marine Crane & Power Unit

Amco Veba MARINE CRANE 806NFM 4S - 43,250 ft. lbs.

• 4 hydraulic extensions to 34' 1" of hydraulic reach

• 1 manual extension for 39' 4" of fully extended reach

• Control valve hosing is connected to bulkhead fitting bracket for easy extension of the hoses and control valve positioning

• Compact marine base for mounting

Bulkhead fittings for ease of extending hoses

Control valve mounted loose, hose protection is standard

Manual extension with hook

Load Diagram


Number of Extensions 4-hydraulic
Crane Rating (ft. lbs.) 43,250
Max. Horizontal Reach - manual 39'4"
Max. Horizontal Reach - hydraulic 34'1"
Max. Vertical Reach - hydraulic 45'3"
Max. Capacity (lbs.) 880
Crane Weight (lbs.) 2100
Crane Dimensions 89" X 76" X 23"
Slewing Angle (degrees) 400
Oil Tank Capacity (gallons) 9.3 (not included)
Max. Oil Flow (gpm) 5.3
Max. Working Pressure (psi) 36920

Standard Features

Hexagonal extension cylinders
Independant extension cylinders
Rack and pinion rotation system
Flanged valves
Assembly kit (main valves and hoses)
Sand blasting of principal components
Anti-corrision treatment and painting
Designed in accordance with EN 12999
One year factory warranty

Options Included

One manual extension with hook
PP2 hose with bulkhead fitting
Marine base


Power Unit Model 5.3G3700P

Power Unit Model 5.3G/3700P with GX630 Honda electric start engine

• Extra-large 8 gallon emission compliant fuel tank and canister

• 15 gallon hydraulic reservoir with internal return line filter

• Ball valve on suction line with direct mounted pump

• Adapter and lovejoy coupling

• Peak pressure to 4000 psi and can be sized to 9 gpm @ 3000 psi.

• Compact assembly all mounted on aluminum frame with post for the control valve

• Includes battery and mounted battery box

• Assembled and bench tested under pressure and flow