Crane and Truck Accessories

In Stock Accessories

• Steel Handle Crane Pads
• Crane Pad Brackets
• Lifting Straps
• Ratchet Straps
• Winch Straps
• Lubriplate
• AW Hydraulic Oil
• Screw Pin Anchor Shackle
• Bolt Anchor Shackle
• Mud Flaps
• Crane Hooks
• E-Z steps
• Bell and Striker

Fischer Crane is the proud distributor of the M-Series Under body Box. The best under-body box in the industry. The ultimate in space saving convenience and water resistant durability.

Powder Coated Granite Black 48X18X18
Powder Coated Granite Black 36X18X18

Others may be in stock, please call 1-630-326-6900


All Fiberglass Frame
This great reduces the risk of accidental electrocutions

Lighter in Weight
This reduces the stress and pressure on the turntable, which in turn gives longer life to the equipment

Structurally Strong and Durable
This conveyor is more flexible and forgiving than metal conveyors. It will "spring back" upon impact in most cases rather than bend or dent

No Welding For Assembly or Repair
This conveyor is assembled using different types of fasteners, which make repairs easier and less expensive

No Rust or Metal Fatigue
Fiberglass does not rust. This greatly reduces the cost and time involved to repair metal fatigue or rust

Crane Attachments


• Various types of Grapples
• Manipulators
• Barrier Lifts
• Container Discharge
• Clam Shell Bucket
• Forks
• Block and Brick
• Custom Basket