About Amco Veba (HCE)

amco-veba-building H.C.E. is an Italian leader in the production of truck cranes, at worldwide level among the companies operating in this specific sector. H.C.E. began its activity in 1980 in Castelnovo di Sotto (Reggio Emilia - Italy); since 2000 the registered trademark holder is located in the new factory at Poviglio (Reggio Emilia). As a emerging company, H.C.E. specialized the production of hydraulic cranes. Due to its entrepreneurial capacity, H.C.E. has been able to establish a truly qualified group, unique in Italy in regards to articulation, productive strength and technological innovation. Presently the H.C.E. group includes seven companies, suitably interfaced but still preserving their own operational independence. The respect of the environment and the personnel safety is one major concern of H.C.E.; so impressive investments have been made in equipment that aims at damping the polluting agents and reducing risks. H.C.E. has always accepted the market challenges and counted on innovation and quality, encouraging new forces and young ideas inside the company.

Crane Design

Our technical department follows a series of proven procedures and uses the latest technology when designing new products.


Using a 3-dimensional CAD system, we design each individual component of the crane. We are able to manipulate the crane within the CAD system in order to test its movements and ensure it has a functional geometry.

Structural verifications

By software analysis, we check every point of the crane for stress to ensure each component is adequate. We also send our data to an outside engineering company for independent verification of our calculations.

EN 12999 / DIN 15018

Every new crane is designed in accordance with these European standards, to ensure safety and compliance. Customers take confidence in these standards.

Just in Time monitoring

Every crane made by H.C.E. is produced to meet a specific customer order. An incline-electronic system controls the entire process. The bar code present on the production data sheet is used to on-line control the production of the crane. Once the crane enters into one of the assembly areas, the bar code is read by one of the readers mounted in the workshop and associated with the operator who is assembling the crane.

Production Control

A keypad and bar code scanner are installed at each workstation. Each technician records the start and end of a particular job, and the system records this against the serial number. This puts more responsibility on the technician to maintain a high standard of quality.

Production Tracking

Once a crane enters the order system, it is tracked even before production begins. As it passes through production, each step of its assembly is recorded. At any time, we can check its level of completion.

Surface Preparation

Great care is taken in the surface preparation because it contributes to the crane's longevity.

Shot Blasting

The metal surfaces are cleaned by steel shot blasting. This results in a very clean surface for best bonding to primer and paint.


Once the structural components and cylinders are in place, we apply a chemical wash to remove any grease or oil that may have come in contact with the metal during assembly.

Painting Process

To maximize the life of the crane and preserve its appearance, we employ a high-quality painting process.

Anti-corrosion primer

A high quality primer is applied to the entire crane to ensure paint adhesion. It is also selected for its anti-corrosion properties to prolong the life of the crane.

Finishing paint

Painting is done using the most modern equipment and techniques. Our painting staff specialize in this and are not involved in any other area of production.

Personal color

Any personalized color may be supplied on request. Cranes painted with personalized colors undergo the same high quality process.

Drying room

A heated drying room maintains the crane at an ideal temperature to ensure proper paint bonding and hardening. It will remain undisturbed in this room until it is ready to proceed to final assembly.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certified

The General Manager of H.C.E. s.r.l., for the purpose of guaranteeing the quality of products and services supplied to customers, has instituted a Quality Maintenance System, the purpose of which is to monitor the facilities, departments, and people that can influence the quality of the products and services provided by us. H.C.E. s.r.l. intends to supply products with quality characteristics which always meet the demands of the market/clients. The objective of the company is that of instituting, applying, and maintaining a company system of conduct that guarantees, at a reasonable cost, quality requirements satisfactory to and conforming with what has been agreed with our customers on our sales orders. The quality system manager has complete authority regarding the implementation of the quality system, and is responsible for choosing how it is applied in the pursuit of improving the company's products and services .