814C - 95,500 ft. lbs. 14 ton meter

These cranes have a second boom with articulation near to the middle. This provides some unique performance characteristics.

Lift heavy loads

With a short boom crane, the reach fully retracted is less than a standard crane, and the shorter radius equates to a higher lift capacity. In many cases, a "C" version crane can out perform a larger crane with a standard boom when performing a close lift.

Lift tall or high loads

With a standard boom, positioning it for a close lift will mean that the hook is not very high. This limits the height of objects placed near to the crane. With a "C" version, the second boom is set back, allowing a very tall or high load to be lifted.
814C 2S 3S 4S 5S
Number of extensions 2 hydraulic 3 hydraulic 4 hydraulic 5 hydraulic
Crane Rating (ft. lbs.) 95,500 95,500 95,500 95,500
Max. Horizontal Reach - hydraulic 21'2" 27'11" 34'9" 41'7"
Max. Vertical Reach - hydraulic        
Max. Capacity (lbs.) 4410 3090 2050 1280
Crane Weight (lbs.) 3840 4100 4320 4500
Crane Dimensions 97" x 93" x 34" 97" x 93" x 34" 98" x 93" x 34" 99" x 93" x 36"
Mounting Space        
Slewing Angle 380 380 380 380
Oil Tank Capacity (gallons) 26 26 26 26
Max. Oil Flow (gpm) 6.6 6.6 6.6 6.6
Max. Working Pressure (psi) 4496 4496 4496 4496
Stabilizers Manual Out 13'1" 13'1" 13'1" 13'1"

Standard Features Accessories
Dual side controls RRS radio remote (on 900 version only)
Hexagonal booms Manual extensions
Sliding pads on telescopic extensions Optional load limiting device
Flanged valves Extra function to boom tip
Self-lubricating bushings Extra valve function for winch
Oil tank Winch
DIN and JIC fittings Pressure gauge
Designed in accordance with EN 12999 Gear pump
Fatigue test classification: B3 Winch plate
Rack and pinion rotation Turning stabiilizers
Manually extendable stabilizers Extra side extension of stabilizers
One year warranty Stabilizers with hydraulic extension
Features Options
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