807NT / 907NT - 51,900 ft lbs 7 ton meter

T Boom Cranes

amco-veba-807ntEasy to use By having one less function and simpler geometry, the crane is easier to stow, unstow, and use. This makes it very suitable for occasional operators, companies with many operators, and for rental companies.
Light We omit the first boom found on an articulated version, as well as the offset second boom. Instead, we use an inline boom with extensions. This reduces the weight of the crane.
Compact Thanks to the design a T crane takes up less space on the chassis. The body can be built longer to add space for cargo.
Strong - A traditional boom is very stressed at the boom offset, so it must be heavily reinforced. Our inline design make the torsional stress no longer a factor.

809N T 2S3S 4S
Number of extensions 2 hydraulic 3 hydraulic 4 hydraulic
Crane Rating (ft. lbs.) 51,900 51,900 51,900
Max. Horizontal Reach - hydraulic 16'11" 22'4" 27'9"
Max. Vertical Reach - hydraulic 25'7" 31'6" 35'9"
Max. Capacity (lbs.) 2840 2050 1520
Crane Weight (lbs.) 1940 2070 2200
Crane Dimensions 91" x 79" x 22" 91" x 79" x 22" 91" x 79" x 22"
Mounting Space 7'8" x 1'1" x 7'7" 7'8" x 1'1" x 7'7" 7'8" x 1'1" x 7'7"
Slewing Angle 395 395 395
Oil Tank Capacity (gallons) 15.9 15.9 15.9
Max. Oil Flow (gpm) 5.3 5.3 5.3
Max. Working Pressure (psi) 3626 3626 3626
Stabilizers Manual Out 15'6" 15'6" 15'6"

Standard Features Accessories
Dual controls Radio Remote control
Hexagonal section extensions Manual extensions
Independent extensions cylinders Turning stabilizers
Designed in accordance with EN 12999 Supplementary element activation
Fixed Stabilizer extensions Winch
Flanged Valves Radio Remote Control
SAE and JIC fittings Stabilizers with hydraulic extensions
One year warranty Load limiting device
Features Options