103 - 18,800 ft. lbs. 3 ton meter


3t-technology3 T Technology

Compact - A new design and an inline boom have allowed us to produce a crane that is much more compact.
Light - The inline boom reduces the crane's weight. The use of special steel allows an excellent lift to weight ratio. A lighter crane equates to a greater payload on the vehicle.
Strong - A traditional boom is very stressed at the boom offset, so it must be heavily reinforced. Our inline design make the torsional stress no longer a factor.
Modular - to allow the crane to fit a variety of chassis, we have added a sliding bracket for width from 1' 6" to 3' 6".
103 2S3S
Number of extensions 2 hydraulic 3 hydraulic
Crane Rating (ft. lbs.) 18,800 18,800
Max. Horizontal Reach - hydraulic 17'11" 22'2"
Max. Vertical Reach - hydraulic 26'3" 30'2"
Max. Capacity (lbs.) 980 730
Crane Weight (lbs.) 860 930
Crane Dimensions 75" x 65" x 14" 75" x 65" x 14"
Mounting Space 5'11" x 5'4" x 1'2" 5'11" x 5'4" x 1'2"
Slewing Angle 370 370
Oil Tank Capacity (gallons) 4.6 4.6
Max. Oil Flow (gpm) 2.7 2.7
Max. Working Pressure (psi) 2973 2973
Stabilizers Manual Out 9'7" 9'7"

Standard Features Accessories
Dual side controls Supplementary elements activation
Hexagonal booms Extra valve element for winch
Sliding pads on telescopic extensions Optional load limiting device
Flanged valves Green oil
Self-lubricating bushings Winch plate
Oil tank Winch
DIN and JIC fittings ETR
Designed in accordance with EN 12999  
Fatigue test classification: B3  
Rack and pinion rotation  
Manually extendable stabilizers  
One year warranty  
Features Optional
eco-friendly etr