100 Series

Best Value for the Money!

What Makes the 100 Series Different?

The 100 Series has been designed and manufactured to be an economical lifting solution. It is more ecologically "Green" in its manufacutring process and use of materials. The 100 Series is not available with Radio Remote.

Low Design Weight

The 100 Series has up to 40% less material and component weight, which equates to less fuel consumption.

Simplified Structure

The simplified structure, creates a reliable crane.


Innovative use of tubular steel, minimum welding and inline second boom.

Low Operating Cost

The crane requires low hydraulic pressure to work Reliable Simplified design has produced a high reliability series.


Suitable for every kind of use.

Advantages of the 100 Series

Reduced repair costs Easy connection of the pinion
On a standard crane, the pinion is connected to the column by welding (red arrow) On the 100 Series, the pinion is connected to the column by a pin and nuts (green arrow)

Less stress and weight on the second boom
Compared to a standard crane, the installation space is reduced

The 100 Series crane is more compact thanks to the inline second boom and easy connection of the pinion
The boom of the 100 series needs to carry the weight of the load (green arrow)

Higher load capacity when closed
Compared to a standard crane, the installation space is reduced

Low Operating Cost

Less Weight

Vertical Position

Green Label

Less welding on the crane's structure

30% reduction in emission of nitrous oxide (NOx), oxides of carbon (CO), and particulate material along with 40kW of energy saved for each crane.

Water-based paint 96% reduction in solvent emissions

thanks to the water-based bi-component paint Possibility of using "green" oils These types of oils guarantee a highly biodegradability, protection for ground and waters, in response to anti-pollution standards.

Reduction of fuel consumption and emissions

Reduction of the crane's weight and low working pressures equates to a reduction of the total vehicle weight, the harmful gas emissions and fuel consumption.